Shopkees is a one-stop-shop for all of your technological needs.

Shopkees has been in the electronics and computer industry for 18 years. Shopkees, which has been an online business since 2013, has built a strong reputation among online buyers because of its low prices and great customer service. Shopkees is an authorized retailer of international brands including Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Acer, Asus, Kaspersky, Epson, Samsung, LG, TP-Link, BenQ, and Canon.

What we offer

Accelerate your Business’ Network & Information Technology through our expert IT support services and products. With Shopkees IT’s managed services and innovative solutions, we address complex problems everyday IT problems in the workplace. Our services include:


Installation Services

We have the reputation of providing Full-service installations for cabling, servers, security systems, hardware, and software. Thanks to our certified installation engineers and state-of-the-art technology, we have successfully managed large-scale and multi-site deployments.

Access Control System

Shopkees IT support specializes in access control system services for corporate customers. We understand the importance of protecting your facility with smart and future-proof access control systems. Our team has the ability to provide a range of access control systems. We upgrade your existing systems that ensure safety of your business for years to come.


Network Cabling & Infrastructure Solutions

We want to be an extension of your team. We work directly with you to tailor structured cabling solutions ideal for your specific circumstances, and we take your needs and insight into account to help drive and inspire our innovative product designs.

Cyber Security Solutions

Partnering with Shopkees for your cybersecurity needs ensures all around protection against cyber threats, cyber risk assessment, and internal audit of networks, quick response incident response, and additional cost savings. Our dedicated team ensures that your systems, networks, and data are safeguarded from costly attacks through cutting-edge technology.


Data Recovery Solutions

When it comes to data recovery, it is best to hire experienced data recovery firms. Fixing problems on your own can damage the hardware and lead to data loss. There are different types of recovery services and each requires specific skills and expertise. From hard drive recovery, optical recovery to removable recovery and digital recovery, we focus on various data recovery services. High-security safekeeping, secure location, and secure non-disclosure are some of our distinctive features.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Additionally, we provide extended customer service and support through our Annual Maintenance contract. Under the contract we offer regular maintenance of machines, servers, computers and networks. Businesses can get emergency support any time of the day, save money on costly repairs, and make the best out of their hardware.


CCTV Camera Installation

We serve businesses of all sizes with professional and comprehensive CCTV camera installations. Based on your business operation, specific requirements, and property footprints, we deliver customized CCTV camera installation services. Customers across Dubai can benefit from our services including site assessment, local system configuration, documentation, cabling, and workplace configuration.

Pabx Telephone Installation

With extending communicative needs in the business world, Shopkees aligns with the rapidly evolving telephony services also. We are proud to present a plethora of on-premises and cloud-based VoIP Telephony Services and help you connect globally at the lowest cost.


Our Products

To make your office smart and increase productivity, businesses need to invest in reliable and advanced office products and accessories. We have supplied an extensive list of internet-connected devices, networking products, software, and office supplies to our corporate customers at affordable prices.


Partnering with Shopkees enables businesses to buy high-specification and advanced computers and laptops within their office computer budget. When our corporate customers make bulk computer orders, they benefit from great discounts and deals.

Servers & Components

Reliable server components are required to maintain robust office networking. Businesses of all sizes and needs can take advantage of our next-generation server administration software choices.

Printers & Scanners

Corporate customers can choose from our wide range of office printers, scanners, copiers, and software at great prices. Maximize productivity with cost-efficient all-in-one office units and multifunction machines with easy-to-use features and secure connectivity.

Networking Products

Companies are switching to improved networking products as they offer benefits like greater speed, reliability and security. Understanding the need for good networking solutions, Shopkees offers products from premium brands.


Proper assessment of your business needs will help you understand various software requirements. Regardless of individual business needs, we offer simple, affordable, and secure software solutions and the best software support.

Toners & cartridges

Stock up on high yield ink cartridges and high capacity toners so your printers can function longer without needing replacement cartridges. When you shop with us, you can save money on office supplies.